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NFL Draft 2013: Saints Take Serious Look at Jarvis Jones

Rob Ryan got up close and personal with Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones at Georgia's Pro Day yesterday.


We already know Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones is a legitimate candidate to be drafted by the Saints at No. 15 overall in this years NFL Draft. Our mock draft database this morning is just absolute 100% proof of that. Can't be wrong.

But there are signs in the real world as well that the Saints are interested. Yesterday was Georgia's Pro Day and all eyes were on Jones, including new defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, who got hands-on with the linebacker yesterday. This according to WDSU sports reporter Fletcher Mackel:

First of all, I like to see that Ryan is getting so involved with evaluating potential new members of his defense. I don't remember previous Saints defensive coordinators taking their job as seriously. Not saying it never happened, just saying I can't recall an occasion. But I digress.

There's no telling what Ryan took away from his Pro Day experience with Jones yesterday but I think it's fair to say the Saints have at least a mild interest in him. Despite the crappy 40-yard dash time, I'm not sure Jones will be available when the Saints are on the clock this year. Neither does Fletcher Mackel.

We shall see. What do you guys think? Should the Saints take Jarvis Jones if he's available? Will he be available?