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Todd McShay Mock Draft: Saints Select Alec Ogletree

Jarvis Jones is passed up in favor of Ogletree.

Kevin C. Cox

ESPN draft expert Todd McShay just released his most recent mock of the 2013 NFL Draft yesterday and as you'd expect. he's got the Saints taking a pass-rusher. But who he picks just might surprise you.

McShay thinks the Saints are going to take Georgia linebacker Alec Ogletree. Sound familiar? Probably because that's exactly who Travis Dauro picked in SB Nation's blogger mock draft.

Here's McShay's reasoning:

Analysis: Improving the pass rush is New Orleans' top priority on defense, but it would be a mistake to take OLB Jarvis Jones at this point. Ogletree might not be a perfect fit in the Saints' new 3-4 scheme, but he covers more ground than any linebacker I can recall. He is an explosive, sideline-to-sideline run defender, and he can bring the heat when turned loose on the blitz. It's rare to find that kind if impact player in the middle of the first round, and if presented with the opportunity the Saints would be wise to seize it.

Very interesting. Especially because McShay is letting both Jarvis Jones and Kenny Vaccaro slide past the Saints.

Honestly, I'm okay with this pick. I'm starting to come around on this Ogletree kid. And with his addition, the Saints will officially be stacked at linebacker. Ideally I'd like to see the Saints get some help at DT but the chips just didn't fall right in this mock for that to happen.

How do you guys like McShay's pick?