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NFL Free Agents 2013: Safeties

If the Saints are looking to help bolster their pass defense with some new talent at the safety position, this is a complete list of the players available for signing through unrestricted free agency this off-season.

Jared Wickerham

Feel free to discuss the players that you covet the most for the Saints this season.

Player Position Team Accrued Seasons (includes 2012)
Goldson, Dashon S 49ers 6
Nolan, Troy S Bears 4
Crocker, Chris S Bengals 10
Byrd, Jairus S Bills 4
Bruton, David S Broncos 4
Leonhard, Jim S Broncos 8
Ventrone, Bubba S Browns 5
Johnson, Rashad S Cardinals 4
Sanders, James S Cardinals 8
Lynch, Corey S Chargers 5
Elam, Abram S Chiefs 7
Frampton, Eric S Cowboys 6
Peprah, Charlie S Cowboys 7
Clemons, Chris S Dolphins 4
Hope, Chris S Falcons 11
Moore, William S Falcons 4
Phillips, Kenny S Giants 5
Bell, Yeremiah S Jets 9
Landry, LaRon S Jets 6
Delmas, Louis S Lions 4
Martin, Sherrod S Panthers 4
Barrett, Josh S Patriots 5
Chung, Patrick S Patriots 4
Martin, Derrick S Patriots 7
Giordano, Matt S Raiders 8
Mitchell, Mike S Raiders 4
Dahl, Craig S Rams 6
Considine, Sean S Ravens 8
Ihedigbo, James S Ravens 6
Reed, Ed S Ravens 11
Jackson, Tanard S Redskins 5
Williams, Madieu S Redskins 9
Allen, Will S Steelers 9
Mundy, Ryan S Steelers 4
Ball, Alan S Texans 5
Demps, Quintin S Texans 4
Quin, Glover S Texans 4
Sanford, Jamarca S Vikings 4