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NFL Free Agents 2013: Linebackers

If the Saints are looking to fill out their new 3-4 linebacking corps with some new talent, this is a complete list of the players available for signing through unrestricted free agency this off-season.

Jonathan Daniel

Feel free to discuss the players that you covet the most for the Saints this season.

Player Position Team Accrued Seasons (includes 2012)
White, Tracy LB Patriots 10
Gooden, Tavares LB 49ers 5
Grant, Larry LB 49ers 4
Haggans, Clark LB 49ers 13
Hayes, Geno LB Bears 5
Roach, Nick LB Bears 6
Urlacher, Brian LB Bears 13
Howard, Thomas LB Bengals 7
Lawson, Manny LB Bengals 7
Maualuga, Rey LB Bengals 4
Skuta, Dan LB Bengals 4
Merriman, Shawne LB Bills 8
Morrison, Kirk LB Bills 8
Scott, Bryan LB Bills 10
Brooking, Keith LB Broncos 15
Hunter, Jason LB Broncos 7
Fujita, Scott LB Browns 11
Maiava, Kaluka LB Browns 4
Groves, Quentin LB Cardinals 5
Lenon, Paris LB Cardinals 11
Barnes, Antwan LB Chargers 6
Guyton, Gary LB Chargers 4
Phillips, Shaun LB Chargers 9
Williams, Demorrio LB Chargers 9
Siler, Brandon LB Chiefs 6
Williams, Leon LB Chiefs 4
Fokou, Moise LB Colts 4
Freeney, DwigTexans LB Colts 11
Poppinga, Brady LB Cowboys 7
Sims, Ernie LB Cowboys 7
Spencer, Anthony LB Cowboys 6
Jordan, Akeem LB Eagles 6
Peterson, Mike LB Falcons 14
Blackburn, Chase LB Giants 7
Rivers, Keith LB Giants 4
Smith, Daryl LB Jaguars 9
Thomas, Bryan LB Jets 11
Durant, Justin LB Lions 6
Levy, DeAndre LB Lions 4
Jones, Brad LB Packers 4
Walden, Erik LB Packers 5
Phillips, Jason LB Panthers 4
Senn, Jordan LB Panthers 5
Koutouvides, Niko LB Patriots 9
Gaither, Omar LB Raiders 7
Wheeler, Philip LB Raiders 5
Haggan, Mario LB Rams 10
McIntosh, Rocky LB Rams 7
Brown, Ricky LB Ravens 7
Ellerbe, Dannell LB Ravens 4
Kehl, Bryan LB Redskins 5
Casillas, Jonathan LB Saints 4
Humber, Ramon LB Saints 4
Shanle, Scott LB Saints 10
Hill, Leroy LB Seahawks 8
Foote, Larry LB Steelers 11
Johnson, Brandon LB Steelers 7
Barwin, Connor LB Texans 4
Dobbins, Tim LB Texans 7
Fox, Keyaron LB Texans 9
James, Bradie LB Texans 10
Ruud, Barrett LB Texans 8
McRath, Gerald LB Titans 4
Witherspoon, Will LB Titans 11
Adibi, Xavier LB Titans 5
Diles, Zac LB Titans 6
Brinkley, Jasper LB Vikings 4
Henderson, Erin LB Vikings 5
Mitchell, Marvin LB Vikings 6