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Five Reasons the Saints Won't Make the Playoffs in 2013

Below are answers to reader questions submitted Monday. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion on any of these topics in the comment section below.

Which defensive players in this free agency should we target in getting to help our defense out for this coming year and the years to come? - Chris O.

That's a good question, Chris, and one that I think Jason Bernos has been helping to answer for the past two weeks. I highly recommend reading these couple of posts. They'll offer more detail than anything I can write here.

Who will be the next Darren Sharper?

2013 Free Agency: Potential Saints Targets

I saw a mock draft with Jarvis Jones falling to the Saints because of a medical concern. Do you like him as our first round pick or does the medical condition bother you too much? Also, do you think the Saints are really looking at bringing in Mathieu? - Robert S.

Robert, I will answer your last question first. I think the Saints are definitely looking at Tyrann Mathieu. Does that mean he'll be on the Saints next season? Absolutely not. But I think the Saints are doing their due diligence and giving the kid a look. I'm sure they'll give him a draft grade and pull the trigger only if the situation is absolutely right, if it's a good value at the time, and it makes sense for the team.

As for Jarvis Jones, I'd be okay with the Saints drafting him. His neck injury is a little concerning but Jones said Sunday that he's been cleared medically. We'll find out more at Georgia's Pro Day on March 21st.

Do you think the Saints are going to try to bring back Porter? - Michael M.

Probably not. I think they would consider it if Porter was willing to take a low salary and might even approach him with that idea. But outside of that, I don't think it will happen. Wallace wrote a good article on the the possibility of Porter coming back and brought up the discussion. 84% of our readers think Porter could help improve the Saints secondary. I recommend checking it out:

Saints should consider re-signing Tracy Porter

With the addition to the salary cap, how much more funds does New Orleans Saints organization have compared to last week? And does this settle some of the earlier posts of restructuring contracts not to say that some aren't needed (Bunkley)? - Ronald C.

I think I may have already answered your question since asking it on Thursday morning. This post should sort of clear things up with regard to the Saints salary cap situation:

Saints could now be under the $123 million salary cap

In addition, the Saints restructured Broderick Bunkley's contract yesterday, saving the team more money. They should be pretty darn close to being under the cap now. Still more work to be done, however.

Did the Chiefs lose their mind? Or is Alex Smith worth a high 2nd round pick AND a mid round 2014 pick? - Ryan E.

The Chiefs have been in dire need of a serviceable quarterback for quite some time now. Unfortunately, the answer to your question cannot be answered until the 2013 season unfolds. If we see the same Alex Smith in Kansas City that we saw in San Francisco, I'd say it was a good move for the Chiefs. Finally. If not, then you can add this trade to the Chiefs' long list of bad ideas and failed attempts to find a franchise quarterback.

Give me 5 reasons why the Saints could possibly NOT make the playoffs next year. - Ben D.

I only get five? Okay, if you insist...

1. The defense isn't fully adjusted to the new 3-4 scheme.

2. They don't own the tiebreaker over another NFC team with the same record because of a Week 1 loss to some crappy team that doesn't win another game all season.

3. Drew Brees suffers a season-ending injury.

4. Failure to properly utilize their stable of talented running backs and run a balanced offense.

5. Roger Goodell punishes the team for an alleged pay-for-performance system and his subsequent punishments/suspensions completely handicap the team for the entire year.

Better Gamble: Honey Badger in round 3 or Brandon Moore (DT from Texas) in round 5? - caomhin

I don't know anything about Brandon Moore so I can't really answer this question. But I will say this, and you can mark my words: Honey Badger will impress everyone in the NFL, be labeled a steal in the draft, and Saints fans everywhere will wish the Saints had drafted him. And I am NOT an LSU fan.