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NFL Free Agents 2013: Tight Ends

If the Saints are looking to find a tight end to complement Jimmy Graham, this is a complete list of the players available for signing through unrestricted free agency this off-season.

Matt Sullivan

Feel free to discuss the players that you covet the most for the Saints this season.

Player Position Team Accrued Seasons (includes 2012)
Walker, Delanie TE 49ers 7
Smith, Alex TE Browns 8
Watson, Benjamin TE Browns 9
Clark, Dallas TE Buccaneers 10
Rosario, Dante TE Chargers 6
Jones, Edgar TE Chiefs 6
O'Connell, Jake TE Chiefs 4
Phillips, John TE Cowboys 4
Fasano, Anthony TE Dolphins 7
Gonzalez, Tony TE Falcons 16
Beckum, Travis TE Giants 4
Bennett, Marty TE Giants 5
Keller, Dustin TE Jets 5
Heller, Will TE Lions 10
Barnidge, Gary TE Panthers 5
Hartsock, Ben TE Panthers 9
Myers, Brandon TE Raiders 4
Bajema, Billy TE Ravens 8
Cooley, Chris TE Redskins 9
Davis, Fred TE Redskins 5
Morrah, Cameron TE Seahawks 4
Johnson, David TE Steelers 4
Pope, Leonard TE Steelers 7
Cook, Jared TE Titans 4