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NFL Mock Draft 2013: Participants Wanted for Canal Street Chronicles Community Mock

Canal Street Chronicles is looking for a few good men and women to participate in our annual Community Mock Draft. Are you in?

For all the draft freaks out there in Who Dat Nation, your time has finally come. Those of you fortunate enough to be reading Da Chronic the last few off-seasons will remember our community mock drafts. And now, it's that time again.

I am looking for interested parties who would like to participate in this years community mock draft. Each member is assigned an NFL team, takes into account that teams needs and chooses the player they think that team will draft. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go ahead a check out what we've done previously. It's pretty popular stuff among football blogs during the off-season.

The write-ups that members provide can be as long, detailed and chock full of stats as possible or they can be short and simple. The former is definitely preferred but not required. The only requirement is that it's at least one paragraph, it makes a modicum of sense for that team and it's written and emailed to me in time.

Our membership here at CSC continues to grow so this year I am hoping to have as many people interested in our mock draft as there are teams in the league. Hopefully we'll be doing two rounds of mocking so there will be plenty of opportunity for everyone. In the event that demand far outweighs supply and some members just have to be excluded, we will use length of CSC membership as the determinant, preference going to those who have been with us longer. I don't anticipate that to happen.

If you're interested, simply say so in the comment section below. When I've gauged interest and got the list together, I will send out an email and get the ball rolling. Emails will be sent to the addresses members used to create their CSC account so if you express interest, make sure you check that email regularly. Or, tell me your preferred email address when you express your interest.

Teams will be randomly assigned unless members have a strong desire or reason to represent a specific team (please let me know which team and why in the comment section). To avoid any fighting, I will take the Saints pick.

We will keep to a stringent schedule and members will know well ahead of time when their pick and write-up is due. So please do us all a favor and don't bother participating if you're unreliable, undisciplined or unmotivated. I also ask if there are members out there who really like this stuff and don't mind the work, to let me know if they would be willing to serve as alternate and be able to put together a quick write-up in the event of a last-minute drop out.

So who wants in on the action?