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2013 NFL Free Agency News: Saints Tender Ivory At Second-Round Level

The New Orleans Saints have tendered Chris Ivory at the second-round level, according to a source sourced by Larry Holder of the tonight.

Tusk! has been tendered.
Tusk! has been tendered.
Chris Graythen

We now have uncovered another piece to the puzzle we're putting together (and that JASON HAS WRITTEN ABOUT - CLICK HERE) about the future of Chris "Tusk!" Ivory and the New Orleans Saints.

Larry Holder knows a guy who says that the team has tendered our dear old restricted free agent Tusk! at the $2.023 million dollar second-round level, according to a story LH posted on the tonight.

Holder thinks this means Tusk! will stay a Saint:

This means if a team would want Ivory to sign a contract and the Saints wouldn't match the offer, the Saints would receive a second-round pick from that team. The price tag is likely too high for any team to try to pluck Ivory away.

Free Agency's here, bitches!!! Things are going to get a heckuva lot more interesting, starting NOW!!

And the new "tampering window" hasn't even opened yet - who knows WHAT'S coming next?

Regardless, let's discuss this in the comment thread. Roster geeks - tell us what it means for the crowded backfield. Salary cap gurus, run the numbers for us...who CAN'T they afford if Tusk! counts for this $2 mil this year. I need to know this stuff right away.