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Celebrating Five Years of CSC: The Many Faces of Canal Street Chronicles

Step right up! Step right up! Come in close. Don't be afraid. Can you hear me?

Chris Graythen

Take a journey with me please. It won't take long and will cost no fees.

To Canal Street Chronicles, long ago. Before we had FanPosts, now it's all such a show.

In the Wayback we'll ride, please enter, left side. It's set to '08, this is sure to be great.

Here's how it looked before I was hooked. So simple, such a bore, click here to see more.


Back then we had Diaries, with not much community. And something more special, it's called opportunity.

Then came a change and a big one at that. We migrated over, to a new format.

With FanShots and comments that auto update. A sleek new look, it was well worth the wait.

Go ahead take a spin, simply click here to ride. The memories will flood in like a rising high tide.


After a redesign, to spruce up the place. The best just got better, leading the blog race.

Still the same concept with a slightly new twist. This was the best some members insist.

If you're looking to experience our most recent past, just click here and you'll be whisked away fast.


You know exactly where this voyage ends, so I'll drop you off here with the rest of your friends.

Thank you for riding the Wayback with me. Remember, no fees, but tips if you please.