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Celebrating Five Years of CSC: Memorable Posts

We've had many memorable posts over the past five years, here's a sample of some of my favorites.

Jed Jacobsohn

The Canal Street Chronicles readers and contributors have a way with words and a sense of humor that make this the best Saints community there is. In honor of our five year anniversary I'd like to take a look back at some of the best posts I've had the pleasure of reading here at CSC.

The wonderfully understated title to the NFC Championship post in 2010

For all intents and purposes, last nights game against the Vikings was the Super Bowl; our Super Bowl. Forget Miami. No matter what happens in two weeks, I'm sure many of us can agree that this season has already been a smashing success. Let's face it, a victory against the Colts would just be lagniappe at this point because even after 43 years, last night was an experience not even the oldest Saints fans ever witnessed. We're all on equal footing now.

We all waited so long for that moment. Absolutely incredible.

This was of course followed two weeks later with another post we've all waited far too long to read:

Finished Strong!

Congratulations to the 2009 New Orleans Saints and their fans! Super Bowl champions!

We...are...New Orleans. As I sit here and watch the Saints celebrate on the field, I realize there is nothing anyone can say to truly describe this moment.

Thank you, New Orleans Saints. For everything. The last forty-three years have made this moment that much sweeter. We love you!

There were few words in the post, but they were just the right ones at just the right time. Reading those comments again were awesome as well. What a moment to share with the CSC family!

We've also seen some brilliant opinion posts like Dave Cariello's "bounty" post in 2012:

Saints Fans Should Stop Making Excuses

If we pull our collective heads out of our collective asses for ten seconds and stop trying so hard to make excuses for this team, I think we have to admit that whoever said "give me my money" is more than likely referencing the pay-for-performance system we already know existed.

This one started an obviously spirited debate.

One of the best posts we've had was written by The Angry Who Dat last year:

The Angry Who Dat's Falcon Hate Manifesto

I hate the f***ing Falcons so much.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Last but not least, arguably one of the funniest things I've ever read here. Brought to us by a CSC favorite, he is the owner and bartender of the Who Dat Social Club, MtnExile. In 2010 he brought us this grand opus, a masterpiece:

Brett Favre 3rd Annual Retirement Tour

On the occasion of the estimable Mr. Favre's triumphant return to professional football, and the beginning of Minnesota's long winter of discontent, let us remember some of the greatest moments of his previous tours--beginning with the greatest of them all.

You're doing yourself a disservice if you don't revisit this classic.

This is just a handful of the great posts we've had here over the past five years. Please share your favorite CSC posts, comments, and moments you won't forget.