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Celebrating Five Years of CSC: How Did You Find Your Way To Canal Street Chronicles?

With CSC's big "Oh-5" celebration in full swing now, it's time to remember how each of us came to Canal Street Chronicles.

We haven't even talked about the CSC 5th Anniversary cake yet!
We haven't even talked about the CSC 5th Anniversary cake yet!

Dave has already told us how he came to find blogging and CSC...

HERE in 2009's anniversary post and also HERE in 2013's lead anniversary post this year.

Some members have mentioned it briefly in their comments in other anniversary posts this week, but I really want to delve deeply into it and come right out and directly ask folks to share their "CSC Origin" stories of how they came to find and eventually frequent Canal Street Chronicles.

Did you stumble across it on your own, accidentally, while looking for irrigation porn? Did someone you know tell you about it? Did you find your way here from one of SBNation's many corporate partners?

Now here's my CSC Origin tale, copied from my rather long comment in the thread of the 2009 anniversary post:

Woo-Hoo!! Nice post and great work on blogging, Dave

We all appreciate you and try to follow your lead and give to the site as much as we get...once we quit lurking and sign on.

I heard about this site from my Uncle Dick, who iives in Texas. He was born in NO (as was I), and I live in Louisville. We were emailing back and forth last summer about our daily Saints Training Camp internet readings. I told him about me going to,,,, and then He told me what he visited (,, and then CANALSTREETCHRONICLES.COM was the big daddy mac smack of all). I visited a few days in a row and then joined so that I could post my notes on the Saints-Arizona preseason opener (HansDat note: For a long time, I have thought this was true about my first post here, but then discovered that I posted a comment the week before that game when I actually looked up my first comment earlier this week and put in my Monday post HERE. So much for memory being reliable.). I have been a much more active, involved and happier Saints fan ever since.

And as a quick aside, my freshman year in college (Fall 1989), my Dad would mail me the Sunday and Monday sports sections each week. It was always a great mail day when they would arrive - usually Friday or Saturday. In a move that I am sure freaked out my non-sports fan roommate, I would tape up the headline/main picture from the front sports page on the wall above my bed. Wins would go on the left side, and losses on the right. By the end of the season, the entire wall was covered, and since we went 9-7 it was a 50/50 split, almost. One of the best parts of that season was the fact that Ricky Jackson smashed his car into the back of a parked truck or car on the interstate, utterly destroying his jaw and cheekbones and DID NOT MISS A SINGLE GAME. The game after his wreck, they had a huge picture of him rushing the passer with his gargantuan gladiator adapted helmet with extra face bars and plexiglass visor - he looked sooo menacing. I loved that picture of him.

The Detroit Lions are on the clock!
by Hans Petersen on Apr 8, 2009 | 9:54 PM

And now it's your turn...tell us your story of how you came to find CSC, or is it maybe possible that CSC (aka my precccccioussss) somehow found its way to you for some world-changing purpose? Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Vincent Price, how did you get into my head? Oh yeah, that's right. We share the same birthday. I always forget that.

I'm looking forward to reading all your comments!