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NFL Draft 2013: Drafting for Need vs. Best Player Available

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Jeff Zelevansky

Dave, Andrew, and Kevin join Ralph to discuss the 2013 NFL draft.

Has drafting for need over best player available been shown to be a bad idea?

Should the Saints trade down?

Dave wonders if the Jason Smith signing means the Saints won't do anything major at left tackle.

Kevin wants to trade down and drops giant words to describe it.

Dave goes on an epic rant explaining why Devery Henderson will be on the roster in September.

Andrew wants a safety because he isn't sure he can live through another year of Roman Harper and Malcolm Jenkins.

Do the boys have Mingo Mania and is the Jim Leonhard signing worth anything?

Kevin wants a faster draft and has a plan to make it happen.

The boys finish up mocking the draft by selecting the best late night places in NOLA to eat when you are drunk and/or high.

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Warning: explicit language and adult content.