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2013 New Orleans Saints: Who Will be the Next Chase Daniel?

The Black & Gold need a five-year plan when it comes to their future quarterback situation. Who will be that next candidate?

Chris Graythen

When Chase Daniel accepted a deal from the Kansas City Chiefs in free agency, the fan favorite left a huge hole behind at the backup quarterback position. Not that there is much to fret about with Drew Brees since he hasn't missed a game with injury since he has blessed the NOLA region with his presence.

That being said, the New Orleans Saints do not see much of a future for stop-gap quarterback Luke McCown, but what's the next move?

They already have their retread QB so where does Sean Payton look for his next project? Does he find one off of another team like Daniel was acquired? Or does he go the Sean Canfield route of drafting a developmental player for the future?

I will be looking at targets for the Saints, before or after the draft, and there will be a couple local guys in here that some will know.

Ryan Griffin, Tulane (6' 4", 216 lbs.)

Until recently, Tulane was a place to go to get yourself a quarterback if you were a NFL decision maker. Not that any of them did much of nothing when they got to the league, but they were drafted high (No, Ricky, not that "high"). The drought could end with Griffin, who is projected to be selected in the sixth or seventh round.

Griffin's biggest assets are his arm strength and ability to throw a good ball while under pressure. His downfield accuracy needs to be worked with, but his upside is high and his intangibles and character are top notch. Curtis Johnson, the ex-Saints WR coach, has given him a glowing reference to Payton, I'm sure.

Sean Renfree, Duke (6' 3" 220 lbs.)

According to David Cutliffe, Renfree is the "steal of this draft." Take that for what it's worth since it is coming from his collegiate head coach, but that is the same man who has had both Eli and Peyton Manning under his tutelage at Ole Miss and Tennessee, respectively.

With Renfree, you get somewhat the polar opposite of Griffin. The Blue Devil has the same quality intangibles as Griffin, but the difference is the accuracy and arm strength. Renfree is much more accurate than Griffin, but his arm strength isn't as good as the Greenie.

Renfree is projected in the fifth or sixth round.

Colby Cameron, Louisiana Tech (6' 2", 212 lbs.)

Cameron is one of those guys that doesn't have great measurables or tangible traits, but his intangibles are fantastic. He's got the moxie to be a future starter in the NFL. He might not blaze any trails when he gets there, but he won't lose you games. That is great trait to have as a backup quarterback.

His quick decision-making and ability to hit players in space and let them work is where he excels, but his a little rough around the edges and needs to be refined. His wheels will remind people of Chase Daniel a lot, but not more than the last guy on this list...

Darkhorse: Colton Chapple, Harvard (6' 1" 195 lbs.)

Chapple does not have a draftable grade on any site that I can find, but man can this guy play. In the video above, Chapple will remind a lot of folks of Daniel (and Joe Kane from "The Program") with his ability to keep plays alive with his legs and accuracy on the move.

The knocks on him are his slight frame and level of competition, but besides that, Chapple has a cannon for an arm and his downfield accuracy is a thing of beauty. He does "Favre" (or maybe it's called "Brees-ing" after last year) a lot of things up with his gunslinger makeup, but that might just be a product of being in an option-offense and trying to do a little much when given the opportunity to throw.