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Luke McCown vs. Seneca Wallace: Welcome to the Stop-Gap Bowl

Two men enter, but only one will get the golden clipboard from Sean Payton.

Matt Sullivan

On Monday afternoon, the New Orleans Saints signed quarterback Seneca Wallace to a one-year deal. This signing was kind of out of the left field bleachers, but wasn't totally unexpected since the only live body behind Drew Brees on the Saints QB depth chart was Luke McCown.

I instantly thought "cage match" between the two journeyman quarterbacks, but I had to come down from my post-WrestleMania high. This is truly the battle of two stop-gap players who will just be holding the clipboard for whoever Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis choose in this upcoming draft or afterward in undrafted free agency.

I don't see the Saints carrying three quarterbacks, what with their precious roster space needed for numerous running backs, so it will be one of those position battles that will have the loser finding a new team come August.

But who will win? Who has the edge?

Honestly, with both these guys you could probably flip a coin and on either side it will say, "You're screwed if you have to play them when it matters."

McCown will be 32 when the season starts. Wallace will be 33.

McCown has been in the Saints' offensive system before. Wallace has not.

McCown has a local connection with his college playing days at Louisiana Tech. Wallace started one game against New Orleans when he was with the Seattle Seahawks in 2007 and helped break the Saints out of an 0-4 funk to start the season. (Thanks?)

Wallace has the most recent regular season experience under his belt with games started, and lost three times last season. McCown gathered intel in Flowery Branch, GA while holding Matt Ryan's shoulder pads.

Neither quarterback has ever played under Sean Payton despite McCown being on the team last season. Luke did beat the Saints coach in the Superdome as a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The stats for either one of these journeyman will have you running to the nearest garbage can, so I will spare you those details.

The darkhorse stat that might be the deciding factor? Height.

McCown enters the party at a brisk 6'4" while Wallace, on the other hand, checks in at 5'11". You would think the height edge would go to the taller man, but not in New Orleans, a city known for living life to the fullest below sea level (6' is "sea level" in NFL QB terms).

That may give the edge to Wallace considering the last tall QB that the Saints brought in before McCown's release was Sean Canfield (veterans that are 36-years-old or elder when they come to the Black & Gold (Jamie Martin and Mark Brunell) don't count). I've never seen a player go through the waiver process more than Canfield.

Depending who the Saints target as their next quarterback to groom out of this upcoming draft, you can bet that neither one of these guys will be around NOLA long enough to see the $100 million man pass down his torch.