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NFL Draft 2013: Trading with the Enemy

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Chris Graythen

The Atlanta Falcons are reportedly looking to trade up. Ralph, Andrew and Kevin debate whether the Saints should accommodate them. Let's just say Andrew and Kevin's answers both rhyme with "duck bow."

Kevin explains exactly how the Saints signed Seneca Wallace and let's just say it involves Rob Ryan and beer.

Ralph gets the shakes thinking about Mickey Loomis drafting Manti Te'o.

The boys try to figure out which scenario is likely to happen so the Saints can trade down.

Andrew guesses Chris Ivory's trade value and could the tragedy in Boston mean even tighter security at Saints games?

The boys end with another edition of 'Mocking the Draft' involving best Saints players names. It lasts four rounds and involves a website you should under no circumstances Google at work.

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Warning: explicit language and adult content.