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What's in Store for Saints RB Chris Ivory?

What's next for much-discussed Saints running back Chris Ivory now that he's signed his tender? Time to stand up and be counted.

Will TUSK! be livin' large in NOLA, or somewhere else this year?
Will TUSK! be livin' large in NOLA, or somewhere else this year?

On Friday afternoon, the Saints announced the re-signing of restricted free agent running back Chris Ivory. ORIGINAL SOURCE

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>The <a href="">#Saints</a> Have Re-Signed Restricted Free Agent RB Chris Ivory <a href="" title=""></a> <a href="">#FreeAgency</a></p>&mdash; New Orleans Saints (@Saints) <a href="">April 19, 2013</a></blockquote>

No sooner had the ink dried on this $2.023 million one-year contract, then a report surfaced out of New York that the Jets have already made a trade offer to the Saints for him. (Thank you, Manish Mehta, of The New York Daily News!)

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Jets have made an offer for Saints RB Chris Ivory, who signed his RFA tender today. <a href="">#NYJ</a> still wants to trade for him, per sources.</p>&mdash; Manish Mehta(@MMehtaNYDN) <a href="">April 19, 2013</a></blockquote>

Mehta's follow-up piece on his NYDN blog is a little bit light on details, but here's the relevant bit (SOURCE):

The Daily News has learned that the Jets have made an offer for Ivory, who visited their team facility last week. The Jets never considered parting with their second-round pick in this year's draft by signing Ivory to an offer sheet, but they're interested in acquiring the bruising 25-year-old running back for a lower draft choice.

Later on Friday, paid speculator Jets beat writer Rich Cimini "reported" on of "strong indications" of a brewing trade, (and like a sucker, I believed he'd have sources from the league, or sources close to the team, but here's what he had for us):

Ivory took a recent free-agent visit to the Jets, who are looking for another back. They never entertained the idea of signing him to an offer sheet (they would've had to compensate the Saints with a second-round pick), but they remain interesed (sic) in trading for him at lower compensation. The Jets might be willing to part with a fifth-round pick; whether that's enough remains to be seen.

Now that he's officially under contract, Ivory can be dealt. The Jets could try to sign him to a long-term deal, which would make sense. Why give up a draft pick for a one-and-done player when you could have a draft pick for at least four years?

Strong indications? Really? I call that speculative circumstantial evidence that any yahoo could piece together. Thanks a lot, Rich. As an outsider looking in, trying to gain any insight I can from the experts who follow the team on a daily basis, @I appreciate your depth of insider perspective.@ @SERIOUSLY@

OK, so we're lacking in facts, and no one has any inside scoop on this right now. So what is there left to do?

Vote in a poll and make a bold prediction to make it easy for Stu to collect entries for the TUSK! section ever-expanding wing of the next Accountability Index!

Why thank you for that idea, Hans. I do believe I'll set that up, chap!

Please vote in the poll below and explain your answer in the comment section, thus continuing and extending the discussion started in Satch's F-D-L from yesterday afternoon. Well, it actually began even before that, so be sure to brush up on the chronology by checking the More: section below for all the recent CSC Ivory coverage.

In that poll, you'll be asked if you believe TUSK! gets traded or stays with the Saints in 2013, and what they'll get for him. I'm setting the draft pick compensation over/under at 5. If you take the UNDER, you get the 1st-4th Rounds, and if you take the OVER, you get Rounds 5-7.

In this vote, you're being asked to say what you THINK or PREDICT will happen. Not what you WANT to happen, or what MAY happen IF things fall a certain way or the other. In other words, no waffling and weaseling. Waffles I'll enjoy for breakfast, but not here in this thread. Be BOLD! Creative elaborations on the details of what will happen in your predicted scenario are welcomed.

I can't wait to see how this turns out!