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What the Darrelle Revis Trade Means for the New Orleans Saints in 2013?

The Buccaneers and Jets finally pulled the trigger on a big trade, but how does it impact the Saints?


On Sunday afternoon, the Darrelle Revis trade from New York to Tampa finally happened after weeks and weeks of speculation. The Jets will receive the Buccaneers first round pick, 13th overall, in 2013 and a conditional pick in 2014.

While the Bucs didn't pay too much, draft pick-wise, for a cornerback whose last full season had him rated as the league's best, it won't matter that much when they play against the New Orleans Saints. Even though that was one of the main reasons they made the move.

Why you ask? Three things pop up.

1. The $96 million man can't cover more than one receiver a a time.

2. The Saints spread the ball around way too much and have too many weapons to worry about one guys side.

And number three is the most apparent, the most laughable and the only one worth discussing here, and that is...

3. Have you seen what would be on the other side of Revis in Tampa?

E.J. Biggers, Eric Wright and Leonard Johnson. Now I see why Elbert Mack left. He didn't want to catch whatever horrible-itis those players have.

Yes, I realize that the Buccaneers can still use their second round pick on a corner, but second-round rookies aren't guaranteed to be successful from the start. If they did, they wouldn't be around in the second round right? So let's squash that argument quickly.

Pro Football Focus has two kinds of stats that backup the fact that the three amigos listed above aren't going to scare Drew Brees. Actually, it might have Drew drooling when he looks their way.

One is a positive/negative scale that goes play by play and awards a player negative or positive rating. Higher the number, better the player. The second one is the opponent's quarterback's completion percentage and rating against those corners.

Johnson was +3.6 overall in 2012 and +3.8 in coverage. Biggers was +3.8 overall and +6.2 in coverage. Those positives would give the illusion that they played well. But when you look at Revis' last full season, when he was +24.6 overall and +18.8 in coverage, they kind of pale in comparison.

Wright, Tampa's big free-agent corner acquisition last year, was -1.8 overall and -0.9 in coverage in 2012.

If those stats weren't telling enough, let's look at the completion percentage and rating of quarterbacks against those guys.

Johnson had 63.5% of passes completed and a rating of 93.9 against him. Biggers had 61.3% and 93.1 rating, and Wright checks in with the worst rating against him with 96.6. The completion percentage against Wright: 62.5%.

The Bucs do have really good safeties but neither one, Dashon Goldson or Mark Barron, are really known as having "coverage skills" in their strengths section.

So it doesn't really matter is Darrelle Revis is on the field or not against the Saints because wherever he is, #9 is going to turn the other way, smile and go about doing what he does best, which is torch Tampa.