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NFL Draft 2013: New Orleans Saints Draft Preview Podcast

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Our 2013 NFL Draft preview podcast has everything to get you ready for Thursday night including Rammstein, a Jim Mora rant, the anointing of Kevin Held as the wrestler known as 'Iron Eagle'...and some actual draft talk.

Dave, Kevin, and Andrew start the show by ripping Ralph for wanting wide receiver Tavon Austin.

Dave uses a lot of four-letter words to describe his feelings about the Saints trading up.

How the Darrelle Revis trade to Tampa might affect the Saints draft options.

Is the 2013 season opener against the Falcons the most anticipated since the Dome reopening game in 2006?

Andrew tries to figure out which WTF pick would most help the Saints.

The boys also make their dream pick for the Saints before revealing what they actually think will happen.

The guys wrap up by discussing Kevin's budding pro wrestling career and have a very special edition of Mocking the Draft: Favorite Saints Scandal/Funny Moments Edition.

For the next 90 minutes you will get no work done!

Listen right now to track #1 below, get the feed right here and/or download it on iTunes right here.

Warning: explicit language and adult content.