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NFL Draft Results: Kenny Vaccaro Approval Poll

The Saints have made their first round selection and taken safety Kenny Vaccaro. Do you approve or disapprove?


With the 15th overall selection in the 2013 NFL Draft, the New Orleans Saints have selected Kenny Vaccaro. The standout from the University of Texas was the top rated safety in this year's draft. Vaccaro is expected to shore up the safety position and make an impact in his rookie campaign.

I like this move and I'm sure I'll be his number one supporter by this time tomorrow. Let's all hope it leads to immediate success in the 2013 season and for many years to come. Roman Harper and Malcolm Jenkins just got a wake up call.

Barring an extremely unlikely trade scenario, this concludes the first round for the Saints. So now I ask you, Who Dat Nation, do you love, like, or loathe this pick? Make a selection in our poll and leave us your opinions and insight below!

Saints Remaining Draft Picks

  • Third-round: Pick 13 (75 overall)
  • Fourth-round: Pick 12 (109 overall)
  • Fifth-round: Pick 11 (144 overall)
  • Sixth-round: Pick 15 (183 overall)

2013 NFL Draft schedule:

Thursday, April 25 - 7:00 p.m. CT (Round 1 - 10 Minutes Per Pick)
Friday, April 26 - 5:30 p.m. CT (Round 2 - 7 Minutes, Round 3 - 5 Minutes Per Pick)
Saturday, April 27 - 11 a.m. CT (Rounds 4-7 - 5 Minutes Per Pick)
TV schedule: NFL Network and ESPN/ESPN2 will televise the draft.