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2013 NFL Draft Results: Saints Trade Chris Ivory to Jets. Was It Worth It?

We know the New Orleans Saints have a surplus of running backs on their team, but did the Black & Gold do the right thing in trading away the fan favorite?

Chris Graythen

One of the questions that has hung over the New Orleans Saints collective head this past year was answered during day two of the 2013 NFL Draft. We all knew one of those running backs had to go, But was it worth it? Did it have to be Chris Ivory, a fan favorite in NOLA?

Yes and no.

Sure, it was worth it to trade an oft-injured backup running back for a fourth round pick. Actually, that's robbery. Hell, Reggie Bush only went for a swap of sixth rounders and a player to be cut later. So giving up Ivory for a fourth rounder was an absolute theft. Bravo, Mickey. You did well.

Wait, what? The Saints are giving that pick and their original fourth rounder to the Miami Dolphins to hop back into the third round, just seven picks after the Saints stole OT Terron Armstead?

I start to think of who they are trading up to get. Is it Alex Okafor out of Texas? Or the small-school phenom, Brandon Williams out of Missouri Southern?

Then, it popped up on the screen: Jonathan Jenkins, DT, Georgia.

I went from excited to disappointed to having flashbacks of another big, girthy Bulldog who did nothing but collect checks and eat in New Orleans. That was Jonathan Sullivan, of course, in case you needed a reminder.

I mean, if they were going to pick a glacier in the draft, T.J. Barnes from Georgia Tech would have been perfect and wouldn't have cost the Saints two 4th rounders to acquire.

So in that regard, no, it wasn't worth it. But Ivory was the only back that, financially, made sense to move since he was making $2 million on a 1-year contract.

Reasons I don't like the Jenkins pick? There was not only a) better talent at that position at No. 82 but b) better talent in general at No. 82. Instead they trade up, in a deep draft where players are free-falling, to get a guy with sketchy work ethic and a weight problem.

That does nothing but spell trouble in the butter-filled city that is New Orleans.

If he works out, I'll have no problem eating crow. But when Brandon Williams becomes a stud in Baltimore, the Saints are going to wish they had passed on the massive SEC product for the small-school guy.

Ivory and Jenkins will forever be linked together now and with every touchdown he scores, rightfully so or not, Jenkins will be looked at with heavily judging eyes from Who Dat Nation.

Have fun with that, Mickey!