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Saints Sign Tulane QB Ryan Griffin Plus Several Other Undrafted Rookie Free Agents

The Saints are doing their usual due diligence by signing many undrafted free agents following the 2013 NFL Draft. Scroll down for the current list of those confirmed.


The Saints are well-known as a team that doesn't care how a player arrived. All that matters is how they perform once they are here. Sean Payton said earlier that's a huge selling pitch when attempting to sign undrafted free agents and it's paying off with some interesting signings so far.

Lists of the Saints' UDFA signings currently vary and we probably won't know the full confirmed list until the team announces them, which will most likely be tomorrow. Until then, Larry Holder has this list of those confirmed so far:

  1. Ryan Griffin, QB Tulane
  2. Kevin Riddick, LB North Carolina
  3. Elliot Mealer, OL Michigan
  4. Ryan Lacy, CB Utah
  5. Chase Thomas, LB Stanford
  6. Keavon Milton, TE Louisiana-Monroe
  7. Eric Martin, DE Nebraska
  8. Ray Shipman, LB Central Florida
  9. Roderick Sweeting, CB Georgia Tech
  10. Shawne Alston, RB West Virginia
  11. Tim Lelito, G Grand Valley State
  12. Josh Hill, TE Idaho State
  13. Glenn Foster, DE Illinois
UPDATE: Saints officially announce 2013 Rookie Free Agent Class

"Who dat, who dat, who dat" screams could probably be heard down the block judging from how hard it was to hear Griffin over the phone Saturday night. The somewhat tense household turned wildly happy when Griffin agreed to terms with the New Orleans Saints just 10 minutes after the draft’s conclusion.

"It was a relief," Griffin said. "It was just a long day. I was ready to get it over with."

It wasn’t until the sixth round that Griffin’s phone started ringing.

It wasn’t the call he wanted, however. Teams began contacting him about free agent contracts.

"I started getting calls from teams in the fifth round so that’s when we were discussing free agent deals," Griffin said. "There were still some teams calling saying, hey, we might pick you in the seventh round so it was just a matter of waiting. It took forever. It felt like 10 years."

But the Saints finally gave him the chance he has always been waiting for.

Could Griffin be the next Chase Daniel?

Stay tuned for any additions that may be added to this list and feel free to add names in the comment section for those rumored to have also signed with the Saints.

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