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NFL Free Agency 2013: Are The Saints Finished Signing Free Agents?

With only a small bit of salary cap space, the New Orleans Saints may have exhausted their free agency options.

Derick Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints were able to make some moves during free agency that helped fill needs that were an area of concern, with the assistance of The Wizard of Numbers, general manager Mickey Loomis.

The Saints actually started out over the salary cap but with the help of several contract re-structures, they not only got under the cap but were able to add some quality free agents to the roster.

Outside linebacker Victor Butler and cornerback Keenan Lewis are arguably the two standout signings the club had while defensive end Kenyon Coleman and quarterback Luke McCown provided depth at their positions.

The Saints did lose out on cornerbacks Nnamdi Asomugha and Tracy Porter after they chose to go to different teams (Asomugha to the San Francisco 49ers and Porter to the Oakland Raiders). There is still a question of a possible signing with Bryant McKinnie for the left tackle position.

Left tackle is a spot that is an area of concern for the Saints due to Charles Brown's injury history and Marcel Jones' inexperience at the position. It would be very nice if the team could pull a Kenyon Coleman-type signing at the position to provide depth and competition.

The secondary could still use help also, especially a veteran who could become a strong presence on the field and in the locker room. Cornerback Antoine Winfield is still out there and could fill that need but is garnering interest from the Washington Redskins our could possibly return to the Minnesota Vikings.

Of course the elephant in the room is the salary cap space the Saints currently have left. With just over $2 million, it's not much to use on a free agent looking for a pay day or a long term contract with the team.

The Saints would have to look possibly at someone like cornerback Elbert Mack who was with the team already and also showed that while he's not a brand name, this past season he played well especially when injuries were a factor in the secondary. Plus, they could get him for a cap friendly amount to boot.

Of course you can never count the Saints and the numerical mind of Loomis out all together. We have seen before that just when the club looked like it couldn't do anymore, they always seem to find a way to stretch their dollar.

What do you think? Are the Saints tapped out with their spending or does the club have one more signing left? Leave your thoughts.