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Celebrating Five Years of Canal Street Chronicles: Let's Begin at the Beginning...

Our Boss Dave took over Canal Street Chronicles five years ago with his first post to the CSC faithful. Let's look back at our own first posts on CSC and remember those days...

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Dave's CSC is 5 years old today!!
Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Dave's CSC is 5 years old today!!
Chris Graythen

Today marks the fifth anniversary of Dave Cariello's taking over Canal Street Chronicles. To honor this occasion I present to you the first of a series of posts I have commissioned myself to complete for this special week to help us reminisce, relive, remember, reward, and reconnect with those early days and our own individual early days of CSC. Others will be contributing work as well, and I'm looking forward to the extended walk down memory lane.

Five years ago on this day, April 8, 2008, Dave made his very first post as the new managing editor, introducing himself to the community at large, and setting the tone for the future he envisioned for the site.

I joined CSC on July 31, 2008, and in what appears to be MY first-ever comment, there I am (no signature line yet, calling myself HansDat and using an inflatable Saints man balloon with arms upraised as my profile pic), answering the "Question of the Day" in a training camp review post with two other comments, introducing myself to the community at large, and setting... eh, well, not really doing any of that, but I do see some elements of the future and current me in a bit of a microcosm there.

First, I notice that I misspelled "receivers" (what? you mean there's a preview button?) and drop a "no rush" pun (because of course I made a pun). Then I reach back to cite historical precedence with the "Ricky Williams in 2000" reference (yeah, I kinda do that a lot). Next there's the bit about Sean Payton needing to figure out the running game mystery (which is definitely a running theme for the Saints - ha!). And then I close with some trademark HansDat enthusiasm and optimism. Not bad for my first effort on CSC, if I do say so myself. Who knew where all this would actually end up leading me?

Here it is, in its entirety (and you can check the citation below to see who else commented in that thread, although not directly to me):

Q of the Day - Drop a WR to pick up a veteran RB?

My answer is no.

We don't really know which of these young receievers will be the best to keep for their route running/pass catching ability and/or special teams skills. We're only one week into training camp, so there's no rush on that.

We should be on the prowl for a veteran RB, though, because Deuce is still a question mark, as is the ability of either Pierre or Aaron at "being the main man" on running between the tackles on first and second downs.

I remember in 2000, with Ricky Williams breaking his leg in Game 10, we picked up Terry Allen and he was our starter for the final few games of the regular season and the playoff win over the Rams. It seems to me that he was "just good enough" to help us coast into the playoffs from that 7-3 start. But not the ideal situation, by any means.

Also, my main hope is that Sean Payton has learned his lesson from ‘07 and that if Deuce goes down again, he needs to plug Aaron or Pierre or other RB into the Deuce/starting RB slot, and continue with Reggie as the "all over the place" role (sometimes as 2nd RB, sometimes line up as WR, let him work as a decoy and/or gadget play man, etc.). It seemed that his adapted play-calling plan with Reggie as the #1 RB did not work at all. Well, that and our porous pass defense, the turnover prone offense, the lack of any reliable PK, etc.

Anyway, I'm ready for 2008 to get rolling! 7 days til our preseason KO against Arizona!!!!

by Hans Petersen on Jul 31, 2008 | 12:32 PM flag actions


Now for the audience participation part. When did you join CSC? Can you remember your first comment/post on CSC? If you can't, I have a relatively painless way for you to find it...

Click on your user name at the top of the page, and check the date on your profile page. Then go back to the CSC main page and click on SECTIONS, then Full Archive. Or just click here to get there.

Once there in the Archive, use the drop-down window to click to the year you joined, and then in that left margin, click on the month of your joining. The screen will then roll to a chronological list right at the last post in that month, and if you scroll down, you can find the posts that were on CSC on the actual day you joined.

Dig around a bit and find some of your early work and bring it to us here in the comment thread, along with your thoughts on it...c'mon,it'll be FUN!

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