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Celebrating Five Years of CSC: Just the Stats

1,723 days and 5,701 posts later, Canal Street Chronicles is still going strong.

In preparation for our 5th anniversary here at Da Chronic I asked the SB Nation team to dig deep and supply me with some all-time blog stats. They delivered.

Below are five years worth of hardcore Saints blogging facts and figures, from April 8th, 2008 to April 7th, 2013, that I think you'll find interesting. Personally, some of these numbers blow me away.


Here's a glimpse at our total reach over the past five years.

What How Many
Total Days 1,723
Total Months 61
Pageviews 9,829,065
Visits 4,287,849
Unique Hits 2,008,629


Let's take a look at how active you guys, the readers, have been these past five years as a whole.

What How Many
Total Days 1,723
Total Months 61
Total Front Page Comments 243,352
Average Comments/Day 141.24
Average Comments/Post 42.69
FanPosts 2,054
FanShots 7,274

Front Page

We've had a lot of help and lot of contributors over the years, some lasting longer than others. Here are some total stats for front page posts and a breakdown of the front page workload by contributor.

What How Many
Total Days 1,723
Total Months 61
Front Page Posts 5,701
Average Posts per Day 3.31
Average Posts/Month 93.46

Author # of Posts
Dave Cariello 3,396
Hans Petersen 758
David "Satch" Kelly 610
Jon Banks 251
Andrew Juge 250
Travis Dauro 71
Preston J. Gary, Jr. 52
Wallace Delery 42
MtnExile 35
Win Ellington 32
Thomas Hukel 31
Gene Higginbotham 25
Stuart Carlton 23
Jason Bernos 18
The Angry Who Dat 17
Jack Sharkey 17
Alex Swift 16
Adesola Badon 14
Kevin Sean Held 7
Jason Calbos 6
Joseph William Stern 5
Hap Glaudi's Ghost 5
Jimmy Angel 4
Dave Choate 1
Jordan Katz 1

And here's a look at how many comments your front page contributors have totaled with their posts.

Author # of Front Page Comments Generated
Dave Cariello 151,784
Hans Petersen 43,303
David "Satch" Kelly 12,742
Jon Banks 12,579
Andrew Juge 8,277
Travis Dauro 2,412
MtnExile 2,201
Preston J. Gary, Jr. 2,145
Wallace Delery 1,295
Gene Higginbotham 954
Thomas Hukel 823
Win Ellington 780
The Angry Who Dat 640
Jack Sharkey 478
Jason Bernos 437
Alex Swift 419
Stuart Carlton 391
Adesola Badon 386
Jordan Katz 224
Hap Glaudi's Ghost 177
Jason Calbos 138
Kevin Sean Held 96
Joseph William Stern 45
Jimmy Angel 35