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New Orleans Saints Mount Rushmore

If you were sculpting a Saints version of Mount Rushmore, who would you include?

Doug Pensinger

The fine folks over at Pro Football Talk have decided to kill these slow off-season months by going team by team and asking fans of each organization to nominate candidates, past or present, for a hypothetical Mount Rushmore of that team. The candidates will then be included in a poll and fans from each team can vote on the four worthy of being included on their team's Mount Rushmore.

I thought it was a great idea. Such a great idea, in fact, that I'm stealing it. So we're going to democratically come up with our own Saints Mount Rushmore. And yes, it's hilarious that "Rushmore" is exactly what the Saints defense needs to do next season.

In case you're unfamiliar with U.S. landmarks, Mount Rushmore is a mountain carving located in the Black Hills of South Dakota featuring the 60-foot high faces of four exalted American presidents, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.

So let's get this party started. You guys start throwing out names. You can nominate anyone related to the Saints: players, coaches, owners, mascots, me, whatever. We can probably make this a little easier and agree that Drew Brees should probably be nominated. You don't need to mention him.

I'll throw up a poll with all reasonable nominees included and have you all vote on the first face worthy of being on our Saints Mount Rushmore. Then we'll repeat that process three more times until our Saints Mount Rushmore is complete. Maybe I can talk a certain someone into sculpting the finished product. And by sculpting I mean photoshopping.

Let the nominations ... begin!