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Choosing the First Member of our New Orleans Saints Mount Rushmore

We're ready to get started by choosing the first face for our work of mountain art.

Jemal Countess

We have all the nominees for our Saints Mount Rushmore thanks to everyone's input yesterday, so we can now begin the process of choosing the four faces that will actually adorn our mountainside.

We're going to choose each person one at a time. I've thrown up a poll below with all the reasonable nominees listed. You guys will vote on the first face worthy of being on our Saints Mount Rushmore. Then we'll eliminate the winner from the poll list, hold another vote, so on and so forth until our Saints Mount Rushmore is complete. Each poll will be open for exactly 48 hours.

I'm pretty sure I've got a good idea who is going to the first person voted onto our Saints Mount Rushmore but I've been wrong before so we'll follow through with protocol.

Whose face should be the first one included on our Saints Mount Rushmore? Vote now!