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Choosing the Second Member of our New Orleans Saints Mount Rushmore

Here's where things start to get interesting...

Malcolm Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Now that Drew Brees has been locked in as the first member of our Saints Mount Rushmore, we can begin...

What's that you say? Voting is still open for another 24 hours?

Yeah, I guess. But let's be real, we know how this one's gonna turn out. It's a runaway. So let's just move on to choosing the second face worthy of being carved onto our mountain sculpture.

This is where things get interesting. Archie Manning is currently second in the voting for our first Rushmore position but that doesn't mean he'll be next to get voted on. With Drew Brees out of the way, who knows how the votes will fall now. We don't! We just ... don't ... know.

As a reminder, we're choosing each person one at a time. I've thrown up a new poll below with all the reasonable nominees listed. You guys are now voting for the second face worthy of being on our Saints Mount Rushmore. Each poll will be open for exactly 48 hours. Once we have a winner, we'll remove his name from the list and repeat the process with a new poll.

Whose face should be the second one included on our Saints Mount Rushmore? Vote now!

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