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New Orleans Saints 2013 Mailbag: Rookie Roster Predictions

Below are some of my answers to reader questions submitted Friday. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion on any of these topics in the comment section below.

What rookies do you see making a significant impact by years end? Do you see any of them starting? -John P.

Kenny Vaccaro is the obvious answer here. He's a first round draft pick so the expectation is certainly there. The only other rookie with a legitimate shot at making a significant impact is Jonathan Jenkins. He's perfectly built to play nose tackle from a physical standpoint and that's exactly what the Saints need at the position. Either one of them could potentially be starters by years end.


Practice Squad. Know there aren't too many spots there, any ideas who will end up being red-shirted, projects stashed there? - Pan C.

It is waaaaaay too early to give a realistic answer to this question. The team won't even let us know what's happening at rookie minicamp for crying out loud. That being said, here a few potential names: LB Chase Thomas, LB Kevin Reddick, CB Korey Lindsey, WR Chris Givens, G Andrew Tiller, and QB Ryan Griffin.


Who do you think will be the surprise player(s) to make the 53 man roster this year? --Tim P.

I keep hearing all these great things about Chase Thomas. He was expected to be drafted in the middle rounds and was one of the best players available in undrafted free agency. Of course without ever having seen any of these young guys play yet, I'm just throwing darts at a wall.


Will Armstead take any snaps as a Tight end - Russ T.

Next season? As a rookie? Don't you think he should stay focused on playing tackle instead of trying to learn two different positions? I don't see it happening.


Where do you stand on Romeus? Your thoughts? - Ranger

This is pure speculation but my guess is that he never plays a regular season down for the Saints.


Think Payton will lead the pre-game chant on our opening day? - French F.

My gut says no but I love the idea and think it would be a great PR move by the organization if they did. I certainly wouldn't put it past them. That would get a lot of fans pumped up just before kickoff.


What did SBNation to the "Search" feature on the user profile page? - B. Dog

I honestly don't know because that's not a function I ever use. What you can do, however, is simply use the regular search feature on the main page and just enter the members name and what you'd like to search for. So if I'm looking to find all your mentions of gag lines, I will search the entire website for "bewareofdog gag lines."