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The Bountygate Effect

The scandal may be over and the reparations paid, but Saints faithful aren't so quick to forget.


I couldn't help but notice yesterday that more than a few Saints fans were quick to blame Bountygate for the team's decision to close their rookie minicamp to the media this year.

Unfortunately, there's no evidence that is even remotely true. I asked Larry Holder what the media policy has been for rookie minicamp in years past.

There you have it. Banning the media from rookie minicamp has been the Saints M.O. for the past three years now. It has nothing to do with Bountygate.

Why do I even bother mentioning any of this? Because I think it highlights a new trend in our regular dialogue as Saints fans. And I don't like it. The constant conspiratorial connections to Bountygate with every move the Saints make.

If the Saints decide to cancel a press conference, it's not because they want to punish the media for their Bountygate blame. If the Saints decide to move practice indoors, it's not because they're trying to send Goodell a message. It's because the Saints run this $#!+ and do what they want. That's the way it's always been. Have you not been paying attention?

Look, I get it. Bountygate sucked. The Saints were made to look a fool at the hands of that tyrannical despot Goodell. But we don't need to be reminded of it at every twist and turn. I'm sure the team is trying to move on and so should we.

I'm not saying the Saints aren't using it as motivation for the upcoming season but I'm sure it's more of a back-of-the-mind thing rather than a front-of-the-mind thing and not the determining factor behind every ... single ... decision. And that's exactly how we should treat it as fans from now on.

It's over guys. I think it's time we put it behind us. I'm not saying we should completely forget about it. Never forget. But we should make a conscious effort to slowly remove it from our every day discourse. The media will be talking about it plenty when the season starts, we don't need to add more.