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New Orleans Saints 2013 Mailbag: Ranking Drew Brees

Below are the rest of my answers to reader questions submitted Friday. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion on any of these topics in the comment section below.

Without being biased where would you rank Drew Brees among the quarterbacks today and all-time? - Thomas M.

This is such a loaded question and I'm not sure that I can be unbiased. I'm going to let Drew finish his career before I rank him all-time. If he wins another Super Bowl, that changes everything. As for the QBs currently in the league, I think Drew is easily Top 5.


If Brees has the same stat as last year and his team goes 13-3 and win the super bowl will he still be 79th best player on pff? - Ed C

No. Drew's ranking is relative to the rest of the NFL. So even if Drew's stats remained exactly the same, the stats for the rest of the players in the league won't. In other words, Drew's ranking is not only dependent on what he does, but what everyone else does as well. Plus, I'm not sure team records are taken into account for the Pro Football Focus Top 101.


Is this the year that Marques Colston finally makes it to a probowl? - Irish A.

Is this the year the Pro Bowl voting process stops being a popularity contest?


If you had to take the over or under on 5,000 yards of Saints passing yardage, which would you take. - Ben D.

I would have taken the under regardless but since Payton has revealed they're going to focus more on running the football, it's even more likely now. Or Payton is full of crap. Who knows?


Do you think the Defense will have the similar ball hawking effect from 09? - J. Ricky

I don't know about ball hawking but I certainly expect them to be more aggressive like they were in 2009 and I expect them to get some of that swagger back. Hopefully that leads to more turnovers, whether it's in the interception department or the forced fumble department.


Which one of these players that were lost this year-Bushrod, Casillas, McBride, Ivory, or Daniel-do you believe has the greatest chance to come back on us and bite us in the arse? ( i.e. hardest to replace or will suffer the most from the consiquences of doing so.) - Tac H.

Without a doubt I'd say it's Bushrod. The Saints are most certainly thinnest at offensive tackle. Charles Brown is unproven, Terron Armstead is inexperienced, and signing Jason Smith was the equivalent of putting a Band-Aid on a severed artery. Good lord I hope the Saints coaching staff knows what they're doing.