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Reggie Bush "Can't Quit Saints"

Breaking up is hard to do.

Lintao Zhang

Former New Orleans Saints tailback Reggie Bush compared his current Detroit Lions offense to that of the Saints during his time with the franchise. Here is an excerpt from Bush's interview with NFL AM on NFL Network:

"As far as from an offensive perspective it's a lot like what we did in New Orleans," Bush said of the team he won a Super Bowl with in 2009. "It's a lot of spread-open passing. Obviously we can attack downfield, and with the running game, a lot of screens, draws and stuff like that. Basically what I did in New Orleans, so running this offensive system has been pretty easy for me."

Reggie, c'mon now. It's over. You had some laughs, we had some laughs, but look we've been done for a while. We broke it off because we just couldn't depend on you. We remember when you went down to Miami because she gave you that chance we weren't willing to commit to. That was cool and we were happy for you but even she broke up with you after a while.

Now you're hooking up with someone who reminds you of us? I know you would never do that, you're not like that, right?