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New Orleans Saints 2013: Defining a Successful Season

Do the Saints need to win the Super Bowl to make fans happy or would participation trophies for everyone suffice?


With each new NFL season comes restored hope for fans of every team in the league, excited about the possibility of success for their favorite franchise. But depending on the team, expectations are most likely set accordingly.

Jaguars fans are probably just hoping their team doesn't leave town in the middle of the night while Patriots fans likely expect nothing less than an undefeated Super Bowl run. Those are opposite ends of the spectrum.

But what about the Saints? Today I raise a simple question in the interest of starting a good-natured debate: What is the one barometer of success for the Saints in the coming season?

In other words, what needs to happen for you to deem the 2013 Saints season a success? Do they absolutely have to win the Super Bowl? Or would you simply be happy if everyone gets a participation trophy at the end of the year? Maybe the only thing that matters to you is that the Saints destroy the Falcons twice a year?

The potential answers are endless and I can't wait to hear them. For me, a trip to the NFC Championship Game would be my ideal scenario, but anything short of a playoff berth would just be disappointment.

What about you?