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New Orleans Saints 2013 NFL Draft Review Podcast

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Andrew Juge and Kevin 'Iron Eagle' Held join Ralph to review the 2013 NFL Draft.

Andrew reminds everyone Pro Football Focus rated Roman Harper and Malcolm Jenkins as the worst two safeties in football, so Kenny Vaccaro was definitely a need pick.

Kevin reviews the Chris Ivory trade and then explains the difference between fun fat guy and sack of #@$ fat guy. He is also incredibly excited about the fashion choices Kenny Stills will make come August.

Ralph drops some Tarleton State knowledge.

The guys go off topic and discuss Jason Collins coming out and Kevin uses a great analogy to explain the meaning of it.

The guys wrap up the show deciding what is a reasonable expectation for the rookies to contribute in 2013, making fun of teams who had horrible drafts, and random salary cap thoughts.

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Warning: explicit language and adult content.