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Choosing the Third Member of our New Orleans Saints Mount Rushmore

Now we're gettin' down to the nitty gritty.

We are halfway through choosing the four members of our Saints Mount Rushmore, with Drew Brees and Rickey Jackson having both been selected as the first two honorees. Now it's time to decide the last two Saints personalities worthy of being carved onto our mountain sculpture.

This is where the decisions get tougher and the debates become heated. Who the heck knows how the votes will fall now. If you've got a personal favorite that you'd really like to see make it on The Mount, go ahead and state all the reasons you think others should vote for him.

As a reminder, we're choosing each person one at a time. I've thrown up a new poll below with all the reasonable nominees listed. You guys are voting for the third face worthy of being on our Saints Mount Rushmore. The poll will be open for exactly 48 hours. If we don't have a majority, we'll hold a runoff election. Once we have our winner, we'll remove his name from the list and begin the voting process all over again with a new poll to determine the final member.

Whose face should be the third one included on our Saints Mount Rushmore? Vote now!

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