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Saints Defensive End Will Smith Switching to Outside Linebacker

Another defensive position shakeup has been revealed.

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

When the New Orleans Saints begin their OTAs this week, veteran defensive end Will Smith will be moving to the outside linebacker position, according to Larry Holder.

Can't say I'm surprised by the move at all. Two weeks ago I was asked where I saw Will Smith fitting in this revamped Saints defense and I listed outside linebacker as a possibility. Others thought I was crazy.

There's certainly precedent for this type of move. We saw defensive end Dwight Freeney make the same switch to outside linebacker with the Colts last season. Unfortunately, he never seemed too comfortable in his new position. Hopefully the same does not apply to Smith.

How do you guys feel about the move? How does this change things on the defensive depth chart beyond the obvious?