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What's the Story Behind Your CSC Screen Name?

It's time to get to know one another better by sharing how and why chose our unique and individually-identifying screen names for Canal Street Chronicles.

Does anyone have his/her screen name emblazoned on his/her (or someone else's) stomach?
Does anyone have his/her screen name emblazoned on his/her (or someone else's) stomach?
Win McNamee

Nom de plume. Pseudonym. Alias. Nom de guerre. Handle. Nickname. Stage name. Assumed name. User name. Screen name.

To engage here at CSC, we each had to come up with an SB Nation screen name. They are specifically created and used for a number of reasons - to protect the innocent, to cover one's tracks, to reveal something about your self, to misdirect, to project a desired image, to free one up to speak truths one wouldn't normally share as oneself, or whatever.

Just like there's a broken heart for every light on Broadway, just like every picture's worth a thousand words, just like every rose has its thorn, and just like every cowboy sings a sad, sad song, every screen name has a story.

As an exercise to draw us all closer together as a community of individuals, let's share the stories behind our screen names.

Are you with me? All right!!!! I'll go first.

Hans Petersen is indicative of my first and last names. Hans is my great grandfather's name, and we trace back to Denmark waaay back on my Dad's side of the family. Wow, that's a story all right. A boring one.

But there used to be a fellow around these here parts who went by the handle HansDat, do you remember him?

Ghost of HansDat (who has been known to haunt me now and again) says:

As you know now, Hans is my first name, so that explains that. I chose the Dat because it's the back end of Who Dat?, which is our team's rallying cry and sometimes what we call ourselves as Saints fans...Who Dats. Running it into my first name gave it the same rhythm and syllabication as Who Dat, and I liked the way it sounded when I said it out loud. You should have seen the people next to me in the Webster Groves (St. Louis) public library when I was trying it on for size. But at least they didn't shush me.

I can't wait to laugh, cry, sigh with melancholy, SMDH, and facepalm with incredulity as I get to know more about my fellow CSCers through your screen name back stories. Feel free to also share about your profile pictures and signature line choices as well...those are part of your projected CSC identity, too, after all.

Have at it!!

** This post inspired by previous work done at Arrowhead Pride, Music City Miracles, and other SBN football sites.