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Runoff Election to Decide the Final Member of Mount Saintsmore

Now with more voter fraud!

Despite the fact that WIllie Roaf managed to "earn" a majority vote in the election to decide the final member of our Saints Mount Rushmore replica last week, it's painfully obvious there was some tampering involved in the voting process.

So instead of declaring him the outright winner and giving the perpetrators exactly what they want, I'm simply going to ignore what happened and hold a runoff election like we've done for each other Mount Saintsmore member.

I am assuming we would have had a fairly even voting split between three former players in the final election. I've rounded up those top three vote-getters - Willie Roaf, Archie Manning, and Deuce McAllister - and put them all in a new poll below.

This is it, all answers are final. The winner of this poll will officially become the final face on our mountain sculpture. Unlike our initial poll, this one will only be open for 24 hours so make sure you get your vote in.

If there is any obvious tampering again, I won't hesitate to start all over again until we get it right. So if you feel like wasting everyone's time and screwing with the vote again, go right ahead. It's a long off-season and we've got nothing better to do.

Whose face should be the third one included on our Saints Mount Rushmore? Vote now and vote once!

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