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2013 Memorial Day Open Thread & Smorgasbord

When you need a break from being out in the sun, come join the Memorial Day discussion with your fellow Saints fans on this holiday from work!

Happy Memorial Day, everyone.
Happy Memorial Day, everyone.

Good morning and welcome to Memorial Day 2013. I hope everyone's got good weather and the chance to spend time with family and friends, and invoking some quiet reflection time (if that's your thing) as we take a pause from work to recognize those veterans who died while serving in the armed forces.

For our holiday enjoyment, I have collected a few odds and ends that are somewhat related to the day...

First, from my friends at Kissing Suzy Kolber, last week's offseason mock draft covered a few rounds of choices (yeah, I went there) of good beers for Memorial Day. CLICK HERE

And they also had this BBQ and grilling roundtable...CLICK HERE

With food and drink covered, what about outdoor activities, Hans? Anyone for swimming, yard darts, badminton, volleyball, or horseshoes? Or maybe drinking while floating in a pool is your thing. That sounds kinda nice.

There will be quite a few MLB games going on today with lots of folks available to attend, and since NFL folks sometimes toss out the ceremonial first pitches, sends that topic right over the plate for us...CLICK HERE

And with nighttime fireworks being a fun thing for summertime, RIGHT HERE is a photo slide show of some NFL game fireworks shows.

* * *

So, what are your plans for the day? Are you fortunate enough to have the day off AND all your chores done?

Not to take anything away from the veterans, but this day takes on added significance for me because my birthday is today, too (SSP). I am now 42 years old, or as my Dad will say in our FaceTime talk later today, "Hans, 42 years ago you came kicking and screaming into a world you had nothing to do with!" We're not sure of the origin of that sentence, but he's been saying it to all of us in the family for 30-something years on our birthdays. (And now you see where I get lots of my charm and grace and wit.)

Mrs. H and I will be going out for a bonus morning of weekend latte fun later, and then after the aforementioned Birthday FaceTime session with my Mom and Dad, we'll host our 17-month-old grandson and his parents for a visit of walking over to the neighborhood pool (which opened on Saturday) for some fun in the sun followed by a meal of chicken and corn on the cob we grilled earlier in the day with chocolate birthday cupcakes for dessert. Yum!

Take care everyone and have a GREAT MEMORIAL DAY!!!