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New Orleans Saints 2013 Interactive Roster Builder

Ladies and gentleman of Who Dat Nation, I bring to you the most awesome of awesome from the Land of Awesome: the chance to play Saints GM!

Admit it: you think you could be a successful general manager of the New Orleans Saints. You're freakin' kidding yourself and you're an idiot...but you still think you could.

Which is why you're going to flip out when your delusional ass learns about the gifts I come bearing today. Because we here at Canal Street Chronicles are giving you and all of Who Dat Nation a one-of-a-kind chance to run the Saints front office.

Introducing, the 2013 New Orleans Saints Interactive Roster Builder! The attached custom application will allow you to whittle down the roster from 89 to 53 players, build a practice squad, change players' positions, and manage the salary cap. Please go ahead and pick up your jaw, you're probably going to need it.

This is probably the exact program Loomis keeps running at all times on the Apple IIGS sitting next to his fax machine. And when your done acting like your the god of Airline Drive, you can save your roster and post it for all of us to mock and ridicule incessantly. Doesn't that sound like fun!?!?

Before we get started, there are people I must acknowledge for making all of this possible. First is Coty Saxman of Blogging the Boys, for actually creating this entire tool from scratch. The other is our very own Wallace Delery, for partnering up with me and going through a ton of lines of code, doing a whole bunch of research, and knocking this bad boy out. Everyone give these two guys a round of applause.

So here's how it works:
  • Click the button below to launch.
  • Then click "Load Saved Roster" to get started.
  • To move players, click on the player to highlight him, and then click on the heading to which you wish to move him.
  • To cut players, click on the player to highlight him, and then click on the red CUT cell.
  • If you want to start all over, the "Reset Everything!" button will return everything to its original condition.
  • You can track your current roster count and the team's salary cap figure near the bottom.
The salary figures should be relatively accurate but are most likely not 100% definite. Please let us know if you find any bugs or inaccurate information and we'll try and get it fixed quickly. We will try to keep this up to date as future roster moves are made.

Please click below to start your journey. We hope you enjoy. You can thanks us later.

Note: This program was written in JavaScript. If your browser does not support JavaScript, you will be informed of that below. In general, Internet Explorer is non-compatible, while Chrome and Firefox are compatible.