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New Orleans Saints 2013 OTAs Mailbag Answers: Have Jabari Greer and Will Smith Been Demoted?

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Watch this week's video for my answers to reader questions submitted Saturday. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion on any of these topics in the comment section below.

Here are the questions I answer in this week's video:

Do you think Greer was dropped in the lineup because he was injured, losing a step, or disciplinary reasons. - Saint Merc


Charles Brown another injury...good grief Charles Brown. Any info on the nature of the injury and expected recovery. - Dru504


Most anticipated game? Which game this upcoming regular season are you really anticipating and which one has your stomach in knots just thinking about? Mine will be the 9ers game on both counts.. Not only cause it will be my one yearly attended game, but because I am looking forward for some major payback - HeadsHighSaintsFly


Considering how pumped up our team is right now, how much do you think a loss to the Falcons in Week 1 would be a season-impacting blow to our morale? - Jon N.


Do you think moving Will Smith to linbacker was a demotion or promotion? or neither? - Russ T.


Will you be doing the "5 questions" series this year? I really enjoyed when you would get together with the top blogger from the opponents' SBN webpage and exchange questions regarding the upcoming matchup. Also, are you going to continue the prediction contest, or is that getting too hard to keep up with? - Cajun in CA