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New Orleans Saints Skill Position Breakdown

The second submission in our writer search is a break down of the skill positions on offense.

Stacy Revere

Our search for fresh new front page talent here on Canal Street Chronicles continues. In case you missed the introduction to our little talent search, be sure to read it first before continuing. Remember, any and all criticism must be 100% constructive and positive in nature. Keep Da Chronic classy!

Now I present to you the second submission of our writer search.


When you think of top quarterbacks, the name Drew Brees is undoubtedly ranked within grasp of number 1. Year after year his stats, and ethics provide an intense level of competition, but other than #9 who else are/is the Saints.

In this article I'm going to talk about running backs, wide receivers and our terrible defense from last season.

Running Back, now the saints have one of the strongest running back cores, however with a deep threat like Drew Brees, the rushing core was ranked 25th in the nation with only 1,577 yards averaging only 4.3 yards a carry. 25 out of 32 is nothing compared to where the saints rushing should be .

Power house running backs Thomas and Ingram should be having 1000 yard seasons. Now to chose #1, options include Sproles, Thomas, Ingram, and Cadet, I would have to go with Mark Ingram. Sproles may be the faster back and Thomas might be the more agile back however Ingram has that stocky brutal running style, he can make cuts as well as run through a line backer with ease. Last season Ingram only managed to have 156 attempts for 602 yards. That averages out to a little under 4 per carry. Now that is not his potential, but with injuries and such a heavy pass orientated offense you have to be the dual threat in order to get game time. This season should be the breakout season for Ingram, Hopefully the saints will get back into the rushing game letting both Ingram and Thomas Shine.

One of my favorite positions to watch is Wide Receivers. The competition is among the top in the NFL; led by Brees, are ranked #1 in the nfl for receptions. With 423 catches for 5,187 yards avg. 12.3 per catch and 324.2 a game the receiving core is vicious.

So out of the #1 ranked Saints, who is the best, based off of stats, goes to #12 the deep threat Colston. His hands are like magnets, if he can touch it he can catch it. Before I go into his stats I want to point out Kenny Stills he will be a new player to watch on the roster. Colston going into his 9th season with the saints, last year was his second best (2007) he posted over 1000 yard receiving averaging over 70 yards a game. He is the go to receiver for Brees an would be for any deep threat QB. He is reliable and always a clutch player. 3rd and 7, slant left, Colston with the reception FIRST DOWN. That is so common that in madden 13. The computer tends to throw directly to him even in double coverage.

Moving on now, I've chose to skip TE because there is no argument that Jimmy Graham is, was, and will be the top TE for the saints. The last thing I want to talk about is the defense.

As a whole the defense was our worst in several seasons, it's time for the bounce back. Players to watch with the the new defense is Kenny Vaccaro, John Jenkins, also how will Vilma, Smith, Harper and some other veteran players of saints fit into the new scheme. Its reported that there all learning new positions, but with fresh faces coming in will there still be enough room on the roster ? Or will we be seeing the last season?

It is to soon to tell but I have a feeling that this could be a Super Bowl season. The last time #9 threw for 5000+ yards ad we didn't make it to the playoffs the next year we won the Super Bowl. Could it be just a coincidence or is this the year? I say go Saints!! And let 2013 be a good year for our defense because we all know our offense will always put up the points, now it's up to the defense to provide the stops.

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