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CSC True Hollywood Stories: My Mom and Dad Met Dave!!!

In this installment of CSC True Hollywood Stories, learn how my Mom and Dad met up with our big boss, Dave Cariello!!

As you may recall, my Mom and Dad are retired, and as such, they continue to seek out CSC True Hollywood Story opportunities for me to write about, which helps out in the off-season.

Yesterday, they trekked into New Orleans from Covington to have lunch at a place on Freret, The Company Burger, that is not too far from Dave's shop on Broadway, so they stopped in to say "Hi!"

My Dad said that they had a nice long chat, and he noted how nice Dave was, and that Dave told them some nice things about me (thanks, Dave! Your check is in the mail...).

Here's the BOOM! line of the day from the meet-up, courtesy of my Mom...Dave said very self-effacingly that he was no Jim Henderson, and she said, "That's right, Jim Henderson bought us beer!!" Seriously, Jim bought my Dad a beer when they met at the Flora-Bama last year - SOURCE - OWNED. Nice one, Mom!

They did not mention having bought anything from the store, although I see that he was having a Lilly Pulitzer sale of non-greek items, and my Mom does enjoy the Pulitzer...maybe Dave cut them a CSC discount.

If, like me, you're wondering what the food experience was for them, here's the scouting report from my Mom:

Burgers were delish - the restaurant is "The Company Burger" & they make their own mayo, pickles, etc. The onion rings were to die for & the fries are fried twice & they don't serve lettuce at all and tomatoes only during creole tomato season. Dave recommended that we try "Dat Dog" next time for fabulous hot dogs - & we will.

In another fun fact, my Mom noted that Dave's store is just a...

block over & half a block down from where we (Hamiltons) lived for years when we first moved to New Orleans!

How fun is THAT?

So thanks, Mom and Dad, for having such a cool retirement and for allowing me to share your stories and pictures with my friends here on CSC. Thanks Dave, for being at work today...this post would be VERY different with just a picture of your store and unsourced quotes from anonymous employees!

* * *

Has anyone else been to Dave's store? Eaten at The Company Burger? Anyone tired of seeing my parents vacation slides?