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Mount Saintsmore Final Runoff Results - Archie Manning Wins!

The votes are in, the final deadline has passed, both BoD and I have completed our vote tallying, and Dave has made a ruling on one final voter discrepancy. Archie Wins!! Archie Wins!! Archie Wins!!

There she is, Miss Mount Saintsmore!!!!
There she is, Miss Mount Saintsmore!!!!

Here are the complete results from our transparent vote for the fourth and final spot on Mount Saintsmore, which saw Archie Manning outpoll Willie Roaf and Deuce McAllister.

BewareofDog's Tally:

38 - Archie Manning

29 - Willie Roaf

14 - Deuce McAllister

2 - Votes Disqualified

Hans's Tally:

37 - Archie
29 - Roaf
14 - Deuce
3 - DQ'd votes

The vote in question was cast for Archie, made by Fowlerlaw88, and reads thusly:

runoff election

archie manning for sure

by fowlerlaw88 on May 29, 2013 | 5:14 PM reply rec flag actions

B-Dawg counted it, based on this line of thinking...

Not a discrepancy.

You can DQ him. But, I let him slide on the "spirit" of the rule (which is to prevent unnecessary comments which lead to off-topic threads that make counting the votes harder), as opposed to the "letter of the law".

I ruled it as out of bounds in the DQ'd votes section of my worksheet by tagging it:

Fowlerlaw88 (voted for Archie Manning, included extraneous words "runoff election" and "for sure")

I then pitched it to Dave for a final ruling...and he said:

DQ that motherf*****r.

So, Hans's Tally is what counts as the final tally for this final election, and the new Mount Saintsmore monument, pictured above, will feature Drew Brees, Rickey Jackson, Sean Payton, and Archie Manning.

Congratulations to our winners, thanks very much to BDog for assisting in the tallying of these last votes (you crank out one mean Excel doc, my friend!), and thanks to all who participated and contributed to the voting process (except for that CMFer - Cheating Mother F***** who rigged the votes), and let's all bask in the glow of the new 8th Wonder of the World we helped create...Mount Saintsmore!!