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Who Dat Watching The Kentucky Derby? Open Thread!

It's only the biggest horse race in the world, and it's happening in the town of Hans and we're gonna need a bigger boat, and maybe some other CSCers. Jump into the thread if you're planning to watch the race and let's chat it up!


At 4:00 pm eastern time, the all-day local Louisville coverage of the races at Churchill Downs on Derby Day switches over to the national dudes and dudetttes on the television and focuses on the 139th running of the Kentucky Derby . Now that I'm finished with the FDL, I'm going to grab some snacks and settle in for the big race and all the hooplah.

Come on in and join the conversation!

For those wanting more coverage of this event, here's SB Nation's hub page on the Derby - CLICK HERE.

AND DOWN THE STRETCH THEY COME is SB Nation's horse racing page with even more.

Pass me a Mint Julep, please!