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Saints Linebacker Scott Shanle Slams Steve Spagnuolo

The former Saints linebacker takes a shot at his former defensive coordinator on Twitter.

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

It would appear that former Saints linebacker Scott Shanle took a bit of a cheap shot at former defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo on Twitter earlier this evening.

While retweeting news that Spagnuolo had been hired as a defensive assistant in Baltimore, Shanle couldn't help himself from taking a jab at his former coordinator, saying the Ravens would be a "good team 4 him 2 learn defense."

Shanle's tweet obviously implies that he's not impressed with Spagnuolo's defensive knowledge, surely an insult to someone who has spent their entire career coaching defense.

Not that any of this should be much of a surprise to Saints fans. This past January an anonymous player admitted to Larry Holder that every defensive position group was frustrated with Spagnuolo and wanted him fired.

He does have that good-guy persona, but he is a control freak and treats people like crap," the player said. "(Spagnuolo has) no patience and zero personality. (He) has a way of pissing players and our defensive coaches off with how he says and does things. (I) think it's even harder after having (former defensive coordinator) Gregg (Williams), who guys enjoyed.

Shanle has staunchly denied he was the anonymous source but I think it's clear he wasn't fond of Spagnuolo during his time in New Orleans, at the very least.