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Drew Brees Only Ranked 79th Best NFL Player in 2012

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Chris Graythen

Andrew, Dave and Kevin join Ralph to discuss the Pro Football Focus ranking of Drew Brees as the 79th best player in 2012. Kevin tells Ralph to take his stat-based logic and shove it because Brees isn't the 79th ranked anything.

Dave explains how an article he wrote about Malcolm Jenkins' job being in jeopardy went sideways in the comment section.

Andrew explains what all three safeties on the field at once might look like.

Kevin explains why he is interested in Kenny Stills' fashion sense.

Andrew asks Dave if he still believes Devery Henderson will still be on the team in 2013 then asks who gets a job in the NFL first: Tim Tebow or Devery?

Dave wants to know what religion Reggie Bush practices.

Kevin then discusses the legal precedent for getting an engagement ring back after someone calls off the wedding.

The boys wrap up the show getting an update on Kevin's flourishing pro wrestling career and discussing off-season arrest scenarios they'd like to see.

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Warning: explicit language and adult content.