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Dallas Cowboys 2013 Draft Board Leaked: How Were The Saints Picks Ranked?

Seriously, I want to know this. Can anyone help me answer this question?

He was the Saints #1 pick, but where did he sit on the Dallas Cowboys draft board?
He was the Saints #1 pick, but where did he sit on the Dallas Cowboys draft board?
Al Bello

In a post earlier this week over on Blogging the Boys (just breathe, Cowboy haters...deep breaths), some of their intrepid contributors took screen shots of draft room video and were able to piece together most of the Dallas Cowboys 2013 draft board. LINK

Wow. That's some impressive work.

When other SB Nation writers mentioned that they were planning to use this to plot where their teams' selections were on that draft board and post it on their sites for discussion, I thought to myself, "Self, you should do that for CSC!! That would make a nice Saturday morning post."

I had visions of creating a neat little chart with the Saints draft picks, followed by where the Saints selected them, and then adding a column to show what ranking the Cowboy player personnel folks gave to them. Then I could see a full comment thread of discussion on what it would tell us about our players, the relative competence of the Cowboys front office staff, or that it doesn't mean a damn thing.

WELP, it didn't quite work out that way.

I started digging into it last night after eating supper, and discovered that for this simple unfrozen caveman content provider, it's much easier said than done. I swear, honest to J1000, that I chased that link, reading the article three times, and looked over the chart-scrolling-window thingies with the player ranking grids multiple times, but could not make HEADS NOR TAILS of the information. It was all just a sea of numbers, boxes, columns of player names and position groups that went up and down (or is it read side by side/left-to-right, or both? GAAAAA!).

I'm going to need your help. If you are any good at all at extrapolation, player ranking/draft board comprehension, or something in this ballpark, would you mind seeing what you can make of that information? And would you please bring it back here to the comment section? I pledge to convert the info you provide into a cool graph and update this post, giving full credit for those who provide assistance and explain how they figured it out so I can learn from it. And hopefully do better next time.

Help me Ob-Wan Kenobi, you're our only hope! The Rebel Alliance needs you.

* * *

In other news, in light of the "Love is Alive" commentary I dropped into a thread last night CITATION, I have Gary Wright's image and music still playing in my head and those smooth lyrics rolling off my tongue. I'm enjoying that quite a bit...Mrs. H, maybe not so much. And at this point, I have to credit my sister in law, Steph, the Queen of all that is Music. When my google searches were coming up CRAP for that song, since I was mistakenly treating a slightly-wrong part of the chorus as the title of the song, my wife made a quick call to our expert in St. Louis last night, and within split seconds of hearing our mangled version of the chorus (and with our mouths mimicking the keyboard/bass guitar instrumentation), she coolly named the artist and song title without missing a beat. BOOM. OWNED. How fun is THAT? Thank you, Steph.