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Are You Ready For More Mt. Saintsmore Balderdash?

If you aren't already sick enough of Mt. Saintsmore and the connected messiness, then get over to PFT. NOW so you can vote in their election. Especially if you were dissatisfied with how things turned out here in our vote.

Here's 3/4 of a possible Mt. Manningmore monument. Too soon?
Here's 3/4 of a possible Mt. Manningmore monument. Too soon?
Michael C. Hebert-US PRESSWIRE

Timing is everything.

I was collecting links for this afternoon's FDL, and came across this gem from, and I just could not resist bringing it to you early in a stand-alone post:

Saints Mt. Rushmore voting is open | ProFootballTalk
We'll start with the Saints, whose four-man Mt. Rushmore will be unveiled on Wednesday's edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN. The 12 finalists appear below.


Can you believe it? How perfect is that timing? Now everyone who feels we wronged the Who Dat Nation with our biased monument can go on over to PFT and try to make a difference there. Good luck. Seriously, I wish you well.

I knew PFT was doing this, but it's just so deliciously sweet to see it here, now, just after we completed construction and cut the ribbon on our Mt. Saintsmore. I will be very interested in seeing how that one turns out.

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