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Steve Gleason and Jabari Greer to Replace Peter King on MMQB

Gleason's column will appear June 17th and Greer's will appear July 1st.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Sports Illustrated's Peter King will be taking a month off from writing his weekly Monday Morning Quarterback articles starting next Monday. Depending on your feelings for King, this is either disappointing news or the best thing you've heard this month.

But the show must go on, so King has designated replacement writers for each week of his absence and it just so happens he's chosen not one but two New Orleans Saints personalities to write in his stead. Steve Gleason and Jabari Greer will each fill in for King one week this summer leading up to his return for the debut of King's new website.

Thanks to Hans for finding this little nugget of information at the very end of King's article today.

"I'll be away from this space for the next four Mondays, and, as I've done for the last five years, I have replacements to write the column. They are: June 17, Former Saints safety Steve Gleason; June 24, Oakland punter Chris Kluwe; July 1, New Orleans cornerback Jabari Greer; and July 8, TBA. See you back here on July 15, when we'll be one week from debuting our new football-centric site, The MMQB."

Well I'll be damned! It will be interesting to see how each of them tackle the challenge with their own personal touch. And who knows, maybe Roman Harper will take that final July 8 TBA spot and inspire us all with his words.