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Rob Ryan, Saints Defense are Talking the Talk

The Saints' defense is getting high praise after the team's first minicamp. But does it really mean anything?

Stacy Revere

"I don't want to give it away too early, but we do have multiple looks in which we're getting everybody involved. So hide your wife, hide your kids because we're coming."

So you can run tell that, homeboy.

These words spoken by Saints' cornerback Jabari Greer surely should make the Who Dat Nation excited for the 2013 campaign. Is this "off-season talk" any different than every other year, though?

Anybody that pays attention to the NFL knows that Rex Ryan, the brother of Rob Ryan, makes his annual "The Jets will make the Super Bowl" prediction around this time of the year. Every NFL fan in the world scoffs at these remarks as we know that it is likely not going to happen. Due to the frequency that the statement has been made, its obvious that it is only to hype his team and create an excited atmosphere around the club. Even though he has gone overboard with them, you can't blame the guy for his attempt in getting the team fired up.

In an interview with WWL radio, Rob Ryan said the Saints' defense will be fixed and even called defensive end Kenyon Coleman, one of the two Cowboys that followed him to New Orleans, "the best run defender in football as a 3-4 end."

Obviously we want the staff and players to be positive about the changes that they are making to their horrendous defense, but we definitely can't read too much into the hype. None of this street chatter matters until they strap it up and start playing games. Last season the team believed that Sean Payton's absence would not be easy to overcome, but they also believed that it would not be detrimental. Well, you saw how last season played out.

Trust me. I'm not being the party pooper around here. I get as excited as anybody when I hear about all of the scheme and alignment variations. I just know that a level head needs to be kept because in reality, they're wearing jerseys and shorts in practice right now.

Don't forget that the Saints just had the statistically worst defense in NFL history last year. Everything is not going to be fine and dandy in the beginning, even if that's how it's being portrayed.